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Add link on the report template that bring reader to the product site (i.e. on breadcrumb at bottom left of each page; WGSN logo on bottom right)

The board template for all reports should have links back to the site to continue the readers journey to our site and to other reports. There is a breadcrumb on each report and if those words linked to that section of the site. Or even the WGSN logo could link to homepage.

  • Gravatar Anna Glassman
  • Feb 22 2017
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Link the WGSN logo back to the homepage

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  • Admin
    Mohamed Aboshihata commented
    February 27, 2017 15:53

    Hi Anna,

    It's intuitive to me too to click on a logo and expect to go to the home page. I'm wondering if it still should operate like that (when viewing a report in a pop-up window). 

    Should it redirect the pop-up to the HP or close the window (thereby the user is back to where they launched the report for?

    Alternatively, we may want to only open reports in new tabs instead of popups. if we do that, should we make the logo clickable to wgsn hp? 

    Any thoughts on this or alternatives? 

  • Admin
    Mohamed Aboshihata commented
    February 27, 2017 15:56

    FYI, I changed the product here from BEET to Fashion L&I and Insight as I believe this affects end users more than internal or did you intend this as a key BEET feature?

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